How Can Your Business Benefit from VAs?

This article showcases the ways in which virtual assistants based in the Philippines can assist businesses in their growth.
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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a talented professional who can offer different kinds of services remotely. They are now often called VAs or a VA, and since there have been continuous advancements in digital space, having VAs trained to use the power of technology to assist businesses is a smart decision.

By having Virtual Assistants, you can delegate various administrative tasks for more business efficiency; here are some of them:

  • Answering Emails
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Managing Social Media Accounts
  • Conducting Research
  • Administration

One of the most significant benefits of having a VA is that they have specialized skills that can increase your productivity without costing you as much as hiring an in-house. A great VA is known for being flexible, which means they can work in the same time zone as where you are, allowing communication to be synchronous. 

Virtual Assistants' excellent administrative skills can give you and your business a significant advantage. They are cost-efficient and talented, and they can help you save time and increase your business' productivity.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Benefits of Having Virtual Assistants

The use of Virtual Assistants has been in demand because of the inevitable growth of technology and the ever-evolving industry that continuously adapts to the revolution of the modern world. Because of this, business owners looked for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, and one of the best solutions they found was to get help from virtual assistants. They can provide a wide range of benefits that transform how tasks are managed and executed remotely. 

So, if you want to know the key benefits of incorporating virtual assistants into your workflow, here are some of them:

  • Cost-Effective

By hiring virtual assistants, you can reduce your business’ labor costs by 50-70% more than hiring in-house. This gives you more options in allocating your resources efficiently, making having virtual assistants better than hiring in-house full-time employees.

  • Increased productivity

Virtual Assistants are trained to be experts at handling routine tasks, freeing up time for you or your business to focus on core tasks or high-priority activities that drive your business growth. This can provide you with productivity that can lead to greater efficiency and improved outcomes for your business.

  • Flexibility

Since Virtual Assistants work remotely, you can have the flexibility to access and ask for their assistance whenever you need it and wherever you may be. This gives you an advantage, especially if you have fluctuating workloads or your business operates across different time zones.

  • Scalability

As your business grows, the need for virtual assistants increases. That’s why having an outsourcing partner like Better Support is significant for your business. We can provide you with skillful virtual assistants from the top 5% of talents from the Philippines without the hassle of a traditional hiring process.

  • Specialized Expertise

Virtual assistants often bring specialized skills and knowledge to your company, ranging from administrative support to marketing, graphic design, and more. By discovering this expertise, you can access such professional support without the need for extensive training.

In conclusion, having invaluable assets like virtual assistants for your business can significantly change how you work. From cost-effectiveness to specialized expertise, the benefits of having virtual assistants for your business are undeniable. By investing in remote assistance, you can make work operations run smoothly, drive growth, and achieve your business’ growth with great efficiency.

Why do you need an outsourcing company when hiring a VA?

Outsourcing companies can indeed offer several benefits when hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA):

  • Recruitment Expertise: 

Having an outsourcing company help you recruit VAs will reduce the hit-and-miss aspect of the hiring process with their established networks and experience in the industry. Using  their knowledge, they can provide you with the suitable talents that you require and need.

  • Time-saving: 

By outsourcing the recruitment process to a specialized agency, you save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates.

  • Performance Monitoring: 

Outsourcing companies often have systems in place to monitor VA performance, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. Regular performance evaluations can help maintain high standards of work.

  • Employee Engagement: 

Many outsourcing companies offer various engagement activities and support systems for their VAs. This can help foster a sense of belonging and motivation among employees, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Legal Compliance: 

Outsourcing companies are typically well-versed in local labor laws and regulations. By working with them, you can ensure that your VA's employment arrangements comply with relevant legal requirements, providing peace of mind for you and your clients.

Overall, partnering with an outsourcing company to hire VAs can streamline the process, enhance security, ensure compliance, and ultimately contribute to the success of your business operations.

If you are looking for virtual assistants for yourself or your business, Better Support is a trusted outsourcing partner. With decades of experience providing the best talents, we can provide you with Virtual Assistants tailored to your needs without compromising data security and can work exclusively for you.

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