How Better Support works

Better Support reduces your labor costs by 50-75%, saves time, and gives you access to world-class talents. By partnering with us, you can spend more time on your core business, knowing that you have nothing but the best to support your company.

Getting Started Is Easy, We´re Here All The Way

From answering your general questions about outsourcing to what an ongoing partnership looks like. We´re here at every step of your journey.

Introductionary Call

We schedule a call where you tell us about your business needs and challenges. We will tell you more about us and answer any questions you might have.

We Provide The Talents

Based on your needed skill set and experience, we find you the right talents and employ them. You´re welcome to have the final say on any candidates we provide.

Onboarding and Training

The new talents receive training in your systems and become your remote team. We ensure the employees have competitive compensation and all the necessary equipment.

We Monitor The Performance

We oversee the performance, employee happiness, and our CEO will personally be a point of contact for anything you need help with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you based in the Philippines?

Strategic Location, Global Talent. The Philippines offers more than just stunning beaches, it´s a goldmine of young English-speaking professionals with a great work ethic. We´ve tapped into the heart of Southeast Asian excellence to make sure your business gets the support it deserves.

What is your pricing?

Our pricing starts at $8 per hour or $1350 monthly for a full-time employee. However, in our discovery call, we will first listen to your needs to see what skills you need, and pricing will be based on that. We never want to compromise on quality.

How can I be sure your employees are skilled?

We have over a decade of experience finding the best talents and have a culture of excellence to ensure our team isn´t just skilled - they´re world-class

How do you work with different time zones?

Your time zone will be factored into all of our workflows. Whether you´re sipping morning coffee or saying goodnight, we schedule based on your needed hours.

Is outsourcing with Better Support complicated?

It´s easier than hiring yourself! We take care of all the recruitment and management so you can spend more time on your business's core functions. See us as your remote team that works in your existing systems and can communicate with you directly.

How can I be sure our data is safely handled?

We treat your data like treasure. ISO & standards? Check. Iron-clad protocols? Double-check. Sleep easy knowing your data´s safe because security is our top priority. All computers we use comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2022, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, 27701:2019, 22301:2019, 20000-1:2018, 9001:2015, and CSA STAR CCM v4.0.

Can you help me even if I need just one talent to help my business?

Your business might need one talented individual or a whole army of them. Either way, our commitment remains the same, and we´ll tailor our support to fit your specific business needs.

What´s the size of businesses you have as clients?

We cater to all shapes and sizes. From startups to global businesses with a few hundred million dollars in yearly revenue.

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